At Ray Davis TaeKwonDo, our instructors are some of the most experienced, dedicated and talented Martial Artists in the area. They maintain the highest level of professionalism, safety and respect at all times.

Each one was hand selected to help you or your child reach their individual, maximum potential.

Head Instructor:

TKD Instructor Mr. Ray DavisMr. Ray Davis is the owner and Head Instructor at our local TaeKwonDo Martial Arts School in Rainbow City, AL.

Mr. Davis is a 7th Degree Black Belt, a Certified Instructor and has over 30 years experience. He & his staff are truly dedicated to providing a very high level Martial Arts experience to you.

He and his instructor team focus on creating well rounded martial artists using Traditional TaeKwonDo as a foundation and then adds Short Stick & Grappling Training.

Our students at Ray Davis TaeKwonDo enjoy the many benefits his experienced and professional teaching ability especially when first starting the program.

Senior Instructors:

Mrs. Davis TKD Instructor Rainbow City, ALShe’s been married to Mr. Davis for over 10 years and has over 15yrs of experience as a martial artist.

Mrs. Davis is a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo who you can find doing anything from being a judge during testing, in the office answering any of your questions or even making sure you as a student or parent feel comfortable with our facility.

She enjoys seeing the smiles on the students and their parents faces when a new rank is earned during testing or a medal is won at a tournament.

It makes all the long hours of being a business owner well worth it to her.

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