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At Ray Davis TaeKwonDo Plus, our instructors are some of the most experienced, dedicated and talented Martial Artists in the area. They maintain the highest level of professionalism, safety and respect at all times.

Each one was hand selected to help you or your child reach their individual, maximum potential.

Head Instructor:

TKD Instructor Mr. Ray DavisMr. Ray Davis is the owner and Head Instructor at our local TaeKwonDo Martial Arts School in Rainbow City, AL.

Mr. Davis is a 7th Degree Black Belt, a Certified Instructor and has over 30 years experience. He & his staff are truly dedicated to providing a very high level Martial Arts experience to you.

He and his instructor team focus on creating well rounded martial artists using Traditional Ho-Am TaeKwonDo as a foundation and then adds Short Stick & Grappling Training.

Our students at Ray Davis TaeKwonDo Plus enjoy the many benefits his experienced and professional teaching ability especially when first starting the program.

Senior Instructors:

Mrs. Davis TKD Instructor Rainbow City, ALShe’s been married to Mr. Davis for over 10 years and has over 15yrs of experience as a martial artist.

Mrs. Davis is a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo who you can find doing anything from being a judge during testing, in the office answering any of your questions or even making sure you as a student or parent feel comfortable with our facility.

She enjoys seeing the smiles on the students and their parents faces when a new rank is earned during testing or a medal is won at a tournament.

It makes all the long hours of being a business owner well worth it to her.

Ms Phillips TKD Instructor Rainbow CityChloe Phillips is a 3rd degree black belt and has been involved in TaeKwonDo with Mr. Davis for more than 7 years. Over the years, Mrs. Phillips has been very active as a Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor and heavily involved in the school’s functions.

She got into TaeKwonDo when her oldest son was being bullied in middle school. After investigating the program being taught at Ray Davis TaeKwonDo Plus, she soon took classes herself and later became an instructor.

Her friendship with the Davis’s spans back their high school days and she says there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to help their school be a success. Chloe’s real passion is to make a positive impact on the lives of others every day.

Mr Phillips TKD Instructor Rainbow City, ALRC Phillips is a 3rd degree black belt and is a Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor. His journey with Mr. Davis began when his mom enrolled him into TaeKwonDo to learn self defense and self confidence after being bullied in middle school.

By dedicating himself to the program, RC quickly learned how to not only defend himself, but to approach life with much higher confidence. At the blue belt stage, he began assisting with classes as a Youth Leader.

Our students really appreciate the time and effort that he puts into their training, whether its for conditioning, sparring or even forms.

Currently, Mr. Phillips is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

Mr Kellett TKD Instructor Rainbow City, ALSteven Kellett is a 3rd degree black belt and has been a student of Mr. Davis since 2007. He believes that TaeKwonDo is vital to a person’s well being and teaches discipline and balance in kids.

A lifelong resident of Etowah County, Mr. Kellett attended and graduated Gadsden High, Snead State Community College and Jacksonville State University. With a background in business and marketing, he serves our community as an Alfa Insurance Agent in Glencoe.

He has a passion and gift for training kids gives him the ability to help bring out the best in everyone. His 12 year old son Grayson is also a 3rd degree black belt. Steven is an avid athlete and is the youth coach of the Alpha Warriors since 2003 and has been involved in TaeKwonDo since 1995.

Youth Leadership:

Miss Gray TKD Youth LeaderYazmin Gray is 13 years old, in the 9th grade and has been a member of Martial Arts since April 2014. She has earned her 1st degree level three black belt.

TaeKwonDo has helped her to become a more disciplined student.

Just like her older brother J’qwan, Yazmin also serves as a Youth Leader at Ray Davis TaeKwonDo Plus.

Her favorite subject is world history and she desires to major in business finance upon entering college.

Yazmin enjoys roller skating, modern dance, arts and crafts, cooking, poetry writing and piano.

Mr. Gray TKD Youth LeaderJ’qwan Gray is 15 years old, in the 11th grade and has been studying TaeKwonDo since April 2014. He now has a 1st degree level three black belt. TaeKwonDo has helped him to be a more disciplined person, and has assisted in removing his shyness.

He has a sister, Yazmin, who is also a TaeKwonDo student and both have been Youth Leader’s for approximately 5 months.

His favorite subject in school is world literature and his career aspirations include firefighting and gospel ministry.

J’qwan enjoys roller skating, video games, drawing cartoon characters, swimming, listening to music and piano.

Mr. Griggs TKD Youth LeaderJackson Griggs is 12 years old and is currently a second degree level 3 black belt. He has been taking lessons at Ray Davis TaeKwonDo Plus since moving to Rainbow City in June 2013.

Jackson is in the all-A Honor Roll, the Beta Club and Quiz Bowl program at Gadsden Middle School, and his favorite subjects include Social Studies, Science, and Art. He is also very involved with his church, 12th St Baptist. He would like to open or manage his own TaeKwonDo studio one day to help children develop confidence and discipline.

Jackson has extremely benefited from the core strengthening that TaeKwonDo provides as well as the leadership it has instilled through mentoring opportunities like the youth leader program.